Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Dumb questions about being Eco-friendly & Green (2)

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Q3: How clean does the pizza box have to be for it to be recycled? Likewise for cans &
Ans: According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme, Banbury, UK, pizza boxes are often not recyclable. That's because grease from the toppings contaminates the cardboard, making it useless to paper mills, though it can still be composted. Such impregnation is not a problem when it comes to cans and bottles. They should, still, be thoroughly rinsed to remove food remnants so as not to attract vermin. Plastic should also be clean and lids removed from bottles, so that they can be squashed flat. One can rinse waste items in old washing-up water in order to save energy.

Q4: Are laminated juice cartons recyclable?
Ans: Yes, but only if one separates them out. Placing cartons lines with polyethelene or aluminium foil into ordinary paper recycling devalues the load. Depending upon the mill it reaches, it may finally end up in a landfill. However, the drinks carton industry has taken steps to recover their product for recycling. In the UK, manufacturers have funded a local collection scheme.

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