Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Samsung NP-X460: Bringing Class to the Masses

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Samsung NP-X460 is a bourgeois piece of tech for the upper crust. It looks good, performs well, has nice battery life, and it's a lighter than many 14.1-inch widescreens. But people are just going to have difficulty coughing up $1,600.

This swanky machine has a velvety black and crimson styling befitting a smoking jacket, so it'll go well with yours — and looks good in the study sitting on your virgin teak and gorilla-skin laptop table. Its 2.26-GHz Core 2 Duo is speedy and its 320-GB drive roomy, so you'll have no problem editing your photos or videos. The Nvidia GeForce 9200M GS offers pleasing game performance, especially for a borderline ultralight.
The keyboard is reminiscent of the MacBook Air's, and it's quite solid and comfortable, so you needn't worry about the RSI that often afflicts the working class. And the card reader can accommodate not only SD but also Memory Stick and xD, so you use the cards directly from your Canon, Sony or Olympus — no cables are necessary.

  • Blu-ray facility is missing, it's not even offered as an option here.
  • And while 3-plus hours of battery life is decent, one cannot expect civilized people to plug in midflight, even if the servant in first class will do it for you.
  • It's way overpriced, and it doesn't even have a big brand to artificially inflate its worth.

(Source: Wired.com report)

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