Thursday, 18 December 2008

Alert citizens can now report pesky phone numbers

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With the advent of technology in telecom industry, possessing a phone has now become a necessity, rather than a luxury. It is simply impossible to imagine someone without a phone, be it a cell phone or a walkie-talkie, or even a satelite phone. With increased penetration and easy access to technology, wrong-doers also get many more ways to spread nuisance. Large databases of telephone numbers of unsuspecting citizens are being leaked every day and innocent citizens have reported huge increase in the number of unwanted calls.

Everyone of us gets at least one such nasty, prank call a day. Be it telemarketers, a phone survey company, debt collectors, or may be just a wrong number. It definitely create nuisance but there was hardly any way you could stop this. However, latest technology has brought to you an innovative way to search who is bugging you with the nasty calls. With the help of, you can now search identities of these callers, look through various comments from people undergoing similar nuisance, and post your own research & opinion so that others can benefit from it.

This site lists top nuisance-causing numbers so that you can immediately identify one that is bothering you. You can also report a new number, then the site will check for its authenticity and will immediately publish it on the Internet for everyone to avoid it. Go ahead, report a pesky number, be an alert citizen!

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