Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Use iPhone to control other gadgets!

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Apple's new & explosive iPhone software update allows developers turn the handset into a control panel for other electronics, reports Forbes.

Apple was too busy offering up something much more radical, even if the details can be eye-glazingly geeky. Hidden amid the 100 new iPhone software features due later this summer are all the ingredients Apple needs to concoct a monstrously big dose of digital nitroglycerin. Wait for it, because this thing is about to go "boom." The key is the device's ability to become whatever a user needs. Typically, the more a gizmo does, the worse it gets at each separate job. Less is always more. The iPhone, however, is arguably better at everything it does, because it does so much.

Start with the App store, which is now packed with more than 25,000 applications. Now add the ability to sell subscriptions that regularly deliver fresh content, additional levels for games or new content, all announced Tuesday. Suddenly an iPhone app can be a digital bookstore, or a digital newspaper, or a game that doles out fresh content by the slice. More is more. Another intriguing new twist: Apple will now let developers turn the iPhone into a control panel for practically any piece of electronics you can plug it into. That will allow users to, say, pair the phone with a set of speakers to turn the screen into a digital equalizer.

Another radical feature: the ability to automatically find and sync up wirelessly with software running on an iPhone or iPod touch. Suddenly, your kids will be able to compete to play a game in the back seat of the car. Or perform a complex duet with a pair of radical new digital instruments. The gizmo's Bluetooth wireless capability, standard on most smart phones, actually makes the thing a better gaming device.

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