Monday, 16 March 2009

Unlock iPhone using reliable software only

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iPhone 3GWhen Apple launched iPhone in the US way back in June 2007, no one was aware of the forthcoming revolution called iPhone. Based on the humongous response received for iPod, Apple was quite hopeful that iPhone would be similarly greeted, if not more. However, it was wrong. iPhone simply stirred the entire market with its awesome features, unimaginable audio quality, and most importantly its slim & sexy looks. However there was a catch: one needs to hook onto AT&T network only, if one wants to use iPhone. In the US it may not be a big trouble, but if you want to use the iPhone in some other country, then it is a major disadvantage.

But there are, as usual, workarounds. You can “unlock” the iPhone so that it can be used on any service provider other than AT&T, and hence can be used all over the globe. However, there is a huge crop of websites / stores / individuals claiming they can unlock iPhone at a throw-away price. Please note that most of these are false promises and if you unlock your iPhone, you may in turn damage your handset! Yes, it is true that if you unlock it from unprofessional technicians, you stand to lose your precious iPhone… And at Rs. 31,000 (its price in India), you simply can’t take chances… So you should always trust an expert if you want to unlock iPhone 3G.

That’s precisely where Unlock-The-iPhone scores over others. It is a coalition of highly skilled professionals who have gained expertise in unlocking iPhones, without damaging the system. Their software is fully compatible with all versions of iPhone (including the 3G version), and is completely reliable. They have sold over 1 million iPhone unlocking software all over the world, with 99.9% customer satisfaction! Naturally, they are the best iPhone unlocking software and they are quite affordable too… The 2.2.1 version costs just $29.99 and works for any country / language. This is a special promotional price (50% discount on MRP). So if you want to avail of this fabulous offer, you need to act fast!!

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