Monday, 26 January 2009

Why Twitter will go mainstream in 2009?

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TwiTip reported yesterday that "Twitter will go mainstream in 2009 and will become one of the most important media partners for many on their professional as well as personal front." The Twitter ecosystem is expanding so fast, in fact exponentially, that the switching costs for users are becoming even higher the more they get connected in the network. Twitter has the network advantages. For Twitter the "big break" into mainstream is expected in 2009, if their server park can handle the load!!! Here are some of the "evidences" (if I may call them!):
  1. Mainstream media is starting to pay attention. A number of articles in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal must have brought Twitter under the eyes of thousands of non-Silicon Valley Internet users.
  2. Important newsworthy events are well documented and often break first on Twitter, before the traditional media could notice it.
  3. Early adopters who lost interest are guaranteed to return, though little late. In the early stages of Twitter, users didn’t know how to use Twitter to their advantage. The way people use Twitter has changed over time. If you were early enough in the game, somewhere in 2006, I can understand why you abandoned the service. Early at Twitter, people were using the service to send random messages. Some early adopters who lost interest, abandoned the service. As the usage of Twitter has changed, these people are losing out of the great value which is currently shared through Twitter. I still am not interested when you are going to the bathroom, or what you had for lunch. Not providing value to the conversation will get you un-followed by me. But then again, why should you care about that!
  4. The latest US president has been using Twitter. Barack Obama was breaking news on Twitter everyday to his more than 100,000 followers. How about that for free publicity or connection to your followers? It does not get more mainstream like this.
  5. CNN is using Twitter for input in News reports.
  6. Twitterbots are becoming big through adding value. Twitter bots like weather updates, people boarding airplanes or stock quotes are open up the hidden value of being connected on Twitter. Now you can get instant updates on real time information wherever you are.
  7. Twitter has become the dominant communication method on conferences. Asking a question on a conference can be difficult. How much easier can it be if a moderator is just picking the questions from a pre-communicated twitter account? Conferences will never be the same as without Twitter in the hands of the audience… or the panel.
  8. Through Twitter you can actually get your complaint resolved, fast! You might be surprised how fast a reply is posted to you. Just read the experience of Rebecca, working for SEOmoz in Seattle. Just read how Comcastbill helped her with a complaint.
  9. More services build on Twitter get funded. Stocktwits (@stocktwits) got just funded after being live for just two months. When more services are build on the Twitter API’s, more value is created. Only the services that have real revenue potential will attract VC or angel funding. Twitpay (@twitpay) is another potential that can grow big…
  10. Companies start to communicate PR messages through Twitter. Using it strategically to break news about the company opens up new possibilities in the PR field. Twitter cannot only be used for PR, but might also be interesting to get new business partners!

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