Friday, 30 January 2009

Know when Twitter has made it...

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Here are the top 10 "symptoms" to know when Twitter has really made it to the mainstream. Though these are, still, hilarious & fictitious thoughts but they would shortly be a reality...
  1. When Sites about Twitter Tips
  2. When you parents are starting to follow you
  3. When a Top 10 Twitter jokes is featured on Technology Nuggets
  4. When your company is posting Twitter Guidelines with Do’s & Don’ts on the corporate intranet
  5. When Twitter messages are being used in court cases
  6. When Twitter messages are dominating Google SERP’s
  7. When a government sex scandal breaks on Twitter
  8. All 26 letters of the alphabet signify a Twitter command
  9. When Twitter starts to make money
  10. Techcrunch stops writing about Twitter

I am sure by this time you would have had a great laugh! :)

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