Monday, 29 December 2008

Insights on Building Web 2.0 Enterprise (2/2)

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... Continued from PART 1 of this series ...

Companies use Web 2.0 technologies more frequently for internal purpose, rather than external. The rate of deployment remains high for almost all kinds of use (refer figure 2). Still there is a wide variation in the level of overall satisfaction with Web 2.0 tools and technologies. 21% of the respondents are extremely or very much satisfied with these tools. After an initial flurry of interest, some companies haven't been able to sustain participation and are abandoning the use of some tools. 7% of the respondents have tried and stopped using one or more tools / technologies!

Which Tools Matter Most?
Web services (s/w that makes it easier to exchange information and conduct transactions online) remain the undoubtable winner of this survey, with highest level of usage. Respondents also rated Web services as the most important tool, with Europeans favoring it the most. Companies across regions prefer Wikis and Blogs as fairly important with considerable increase in its usage. There are significant regional differences in how various tools are perceived as important.

How companies use Web 2.0 tools?
Many of the respondents use Web 2.0 technologies to: (sub-points are in the order of
  1. Manage collaboration internally
    • Internal recruiting
    • Developing products / services
    • Enhancing company culture
    • Managing knowledge
    • Training
    • Fostering collaboration across company
  2. Interface with customers
    • Getting customer participation in product development
    • Improving customer service
    • Acquiring new customers in existing markets
    • Letting customers interact
    • Providing for other customer interactions
  3. Interface with suppliers / partners
    • Tapping network of experts
    • Getting supplier participation
    • Lowering purchasing costs
    • Achieving better integration with suppliers
    • Carrying out other partner / supplier processes

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