Sunday, 28 December 2008

Insights on Building Web 2.0 Enterprise (1/2)

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(Excerpts from the McKinsey Global Survey on Building Web 2.0 Enterprise)

Companies are using more Web 2.0 tools and technologies than they were last year. Now they use it not just for business-as-usual activities, but also for more complex business purposes. Some companies that are satisfied with these tools' adoption have already started to see changes throughout the enterprise (at varying intensity).

McKinsey recently conducted a survey on the adoption & usage of Web 2.0 tools & technologies by various enterprises, and their opinion on the ROI on investments on Web 2.0 technologies. This survey also showed that the use of these tools is both intense and wide-ranging. Many companies reported that they are using Web 2.0 both within & outside their premises: to forge tighter links with customers and suppliers and to engage more successfully. After an initial period of promise & trial, companies are coming to understand the difficulty of realizing some of benefits of Web 2.0. Only 21% of the responders said that they are overall satisfied with Web 2.0 tools, while 22% were clearly dissatisfied. Some companies were also disappointed and have completely stopped using certain technologies altogether!

Some companies have already started using different Web 2.0 tools & technologies, though their use differ with companies. Some use blogs, wikis, RSS, and podcasts (refer figure 1). At the same time, more technologies are in use. The average rate of adoption is 2.5 tools per company this year as compared to 2.2 last year.

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