Wednesday, 8 September 2010

TCS / Infosys will buy SAP, Capgemini in 2020

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Surprised by the subject?

That’s exactly what the recent Forrester presentation on Future of Services says. In The Coming Upheaval Of The IT Services Market, John C. McCarthy - Vice President, Principal Analyst Forrester Research - observes how IT services landscape will be restructured in terms of user behavior, service offerings, Pricing/delivery models, go-to-market strategies, and the competitive landscape.

Forrester talks on 4 powerful forces impact the services market:

  • The Restructuring Economy - Sustained economic uncertainty shifts customer buying behavior and focus

  • Innovation Moving To The Edge - Innovation shifts from core applications to the edge of the enterprise and analytics

  • Changing User Demographics and Decision Structures - The rise of the business “influencer” new workforce demographics, and vendor management redefine buying

  • As-a-Service Becomes The Norm - New pricing and delivery models change how services are sold and provisioned
It also depicts selected Service Providers Top line forecast in 2020 and how they need to structure their Organization. Possible consolidations and new partnerships would lead to globalized organizations comprising of multiple global service companies. Following slideshot explains how John observes the Top 10 IT Service Vendors in the year 2020.

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