Friday, 5 March 2010

Tips while you hire a web-designer

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Weird question, isn't it? But it is a serious attempt to understand whether we really need a website designer in the first place. No the question is not whether you need a website. One, of course, needs it - be it for personal, business, or social purpose. The answer to my question really depends upon following points:

  1. What is the purpose of your website?
  2. How much time do you think you can invest yourself in the development of this site?
  3. How much familiar you are to blogging platforms, programming (HTML/CSS/PHP)?
  4. Do you have the resources and the passion to develop the site yourself?
  5. Can you afford to hire a website designer, in case your answer to above question is "No"?

Assuming that you answered “Yes" to question # 5, you should remember that website designing is not so simple at it seems. Think of it as a package containing gifts you want to send to someone you are wooing since some time. If you do not package this well, there are chances that the gifts may get damaged or even destroyed in transit. The packaging should look interesting to the other party so as to generate enough interest in you. If you succeed in first attempt, there are high chances that she will be in touch with you later as well. So you now understand that it is quite important to make the first impact an impressive one.

You should always remember following pointers while choosing a web designer: Know what you want from your website; Know your target audience; Plan a budget; Set a deadline; Decide between a Freelancer and a Design Agency; and finally, get the specs absolutely clear as otherwise your site will become nothing less than a mess. You should also consider using advanced Javascript to make your site more attractive and interactive.

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