Thursday, 4 March 2010

Revolutionize website design with CSS & XHTML

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Is CSS important for a website / blog?

I know this is an insane question. The answer is not only YES, but a resounding "Absolutely Yes". There was time, long long ago, when I used to create website using HTML and a bit of basic Javascript. Then I enlightened myself with advanced Javascript and my sites became more interactive. Later I learnt about CSS and then my entire world went for a tailspin... My sites now look fantastic, sleek and modern. I added spice to it by using PHP programming and my sites are now absolutely incredible. Thanks to CSS, XHTML, and PHP.

I do not want to emphasize my proficiency here. Actually I wanted to highlight how important and unseparable part CSS has become in today's website development. Even though scripting and CSS become quite a challenge for web designer, it certainly brings great rewards when the site finally goes live. With the 3 pillars of website designing (namely, HTML, XHTML and CSS), everything looks pretty much in proper place: all pictures are in position, all headings are alike and all of the content flows in a predefined pattern of formatting. All of this, perhaps, was impossible without the 3 pillars. They do have their own pitfalls: to use CSS, once needs to be quite patient and have attention to details; XHTML calls for strict discipline in coding.

But the rewards at the end of the exercise are handsome. Your site will not only look sexy, it will be as per latest standards, extensible, scalable, and easily manageable.With CSS, you can simply play with the colors. Remember, using plain HTML has lot of constraints on the way components (text, images, placeholders, quotes, etc.) are displayed. With CSS, you can revolutionize the user experience by throwing multitudes of colors - forecolor, backcolor, shading, gradient, etc. Although most widely used colors on web undoubtedly are Red, Yellow, Black, and White, you can make millions of combinations by using Hex colors and Color schemes.

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