Friday, 2 October 2009

Dumb questions about being Eco-friendly & Green (9)

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Q17: Is it better to buy an eco-friendly car, with all the energy that is needed to produce it, or just run my old one into the ground?

A: According to the ETA, when the average new car leaves the showrrom, its manufacture, design and marketing have accounted for up to 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions! Nevertheless, swapping a thirsty and polluting old car for a lighter and more fuel-efficient model does make a good environmental sense. But the gains made from exchanging five year old family car, for example, with a similar sized brand new model are likely to be negligible!

Q18: What's the best way to charge my laptop - little and often or let the battery run down completely?

A: In energy terms, you use the same amount of electricity either way. However, charging a battety little and often reduces its capacity to hold charge, and eventually it will lose its capacity to charge altogether! If you kill your battery like this, you'll need a new one - and batteries take a lot of energy and materials to produce. So charge your battery fully and then let it run down completely (or till 85% of its capacity if not 100%) and then recharge. This will ensure the longest possible life out of your battery!

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