Friday, 17 July 2009

Google Chrome OS: What you must know…

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Google has finally, though little late, announced its long-expected operating system, the Chrome OS. Here are my 2 cents about this much hyped OS…

Everyone now knows that Chrome OS is like a secret well kept amongst a billion of netizens! Google’s idea is to essentially create a thin client OS for consumers. This is not going to have a big impact on IT departments and businesses, many of which are experimenting with Windows-based thin client solutions such as VDI. However, IT experts should understand Chrome OS because you never know when people start using it and you may feel left out!

What's so special about Chrome OS?

  • Runs with a Linux kernel as its base
  • Boots directly into the Chrome Web browser
  • Aimed primarily at netbooks
  • Runs on both x86 and ARM processors
  • Not designed for local storage; all data will be stored in the cloud
  • No Chrome OS API’s released; instead, techies can build Web apps running on a standard browser
  • Most important features, according to Google, are: Speed, Simplicity, and Security

Why Chrome OS Matters?

Does it? REALLY?? Well, here are 3 most important reasons why it does…

  1. Windows OS is a monopoly… It sure needs tougher competition to pull up its socks!
    Microsoft Windows “ruled” personal computers for almost 2 decades, with little competition from Apple’s Macintosh (~10% share). Now that people are bored with stereotypical Windows and menace from the likes of virus, spyware, and security troubles are its biggest weaknesses, Google is wise enough to target those soft targets with a promising Chrome OS.
  2. Because Chrome OS will be cheap
    Well, that’s what my personal opinion is, and please don’t quote me on this! Google has confirmed that the Chrome OS will be open source and will not have any licensing fees. That will enable Chrome OS-based netbooks to be cheaper than its Windows-based and ARM-based counterparts.
  3. Because it’s from Google
    I have got an impression that whatever Google does has to be grand, never-seen-before, and NOT HARSH on consumer’s wallets. So will be the Chrome OS!

What may put Chrome OS off?

  1. It’s running on Linux
  2. It’s bit late in the race
  3. No proven track record of Google in the OS space
  4. It’s limited to netbooks

Having said all this, I must confess that I am trilled to use Chrome OS. Now that I own a Lenovo Netbook, I can’t wait to install Chrome OS…

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