Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Comparison Matrix for 3 leading CMS systems

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There are a wide varierty of Content Management Systems (CMS) available out in the market. They range from open source solutions to commercial licenses to proprietary tools. Each one has its own positives and negatives. Since a long time, in my role as functional consultant, I was struggling to get clear distinction between different CMS. I wanted to compare Alfresco, Drupal, and Microsoft Sharepoint Server as content management systems and wanted to find out which one to choose from. Even though it is not precise, I would have been happy with something that gives me clear idea as to which system is capable of doing what.

I had Googled it a lot, searched millions of words from the search results, but nothing concrete has come up. InfoWorld has some nice articles explaining these systems in isolation, but nothing that comes closer to my requirement. There have been a few more articles / white papers which I have gone through and have finally compiled the comparison matrix for these systems. Needless to say, when I presented this to my client, she was pleased with the quality of the presented information and we finally won the contract to implement the recommended system. :)

The major concern my client had was - the solution should not be too costly but at the same time, it should not be primitive, should be scalable and quick to deploy. With these constraints in mind, we had 3 options to choose from:

  • Alfresco Enterprise + Community
  • Drupal
  • Sharepoint Server

Based on my compiled research, I finally derived at the following matrix and we recommended Alfresco as the preferred solution. Find below the summary slide which lists down pros and cons of each of these 3 options vis-a-vis important parameters of comparison. It clearly states which solution is better than the other!

Looking for more details?

I also have the supporting slides (3 in number) which explain why I have given so and so ranking to a particular solution against a particular parameter. These 3 slides cost just $10 and payment through PayPal only. You need to mail me with your correct PayPal email and after realization of payment, I will immediately share the slides.

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