Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Apple releases iPhone 3.0 software update

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What long wait is now over... Apple today released the most awaited iPhone 3.0 software update which promises loads of features and enhancements for users. The size of this software update ranges from 230MB to 260MB, depending on which device you're upgrading. The update is available through iTunes. To install the iPhone 3.0 update, users will also need to be running iTunes 8.2. The iPhone 3.0 update is FREE to all iPhone users. iPod touch users will need to pay $10 to upgrade to version 3.0 of the software.

It seems that Apple has finally refined the experience they first delivered two years ago to the point where everything is simply craving for this device... With Apple setting the bar for smartphones with its iPhone offerings, the iPhone 3.0 release coupled with the scheduled release for the new iPhone 3G S definitely gives Apple the opportunity to solidify its position in the mobile market.

What's new

  1. Ability to cut, copy, and paste text -- a feature iPhone users have clamored for since the 2007 debut of the iPhone. Users can copy and paste text, HTML, and photos
  2. iPhone 3.0 also brings a horizontally-oriented keyboard to other apps--most notably Mail, Notes, and the renamed Messages texting client
  3. Messages features Multimedia Messaging Support, which will let users send and receive photos, contact information, audio files, and locations--at least for customers of 29 carriers in 76 countries (excluding the United States, where AT&T, the exclusive service provider for the iPhone, will not be ready to support MMS until later this summer)
  4. Find My Phone feature can locate a lost iPhone via MobileMe. Find My Phone also enables data to be wiped remotely only by authorized owner of the phone
  5. Turn-by-turn GPS-based directions
  6. A new Voice Memos app
  7. Support for the CalDAV format
  8. New search capabilities including a new Spotlight app
  9. Expanded parental controls
  10. Support for tethering, allowing users to turn the phone into a modem for laptops and other mobile devices

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