Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Apple plans Wireless downloads for iPods

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Apple already sells iPods through kiosks in airports and stores, but the company also has plans for units that will let people load up on digital movies and music on the go. According to AppleInsider, Apple has filed a patent to develop a kiosk that will let owners of iPods, iPhones and other devices buy content through “virtual physical connection,” meaning the units would eliminate the need for a user to have wireless access to download the content.

Apple isn’t commenting on the news, but the implications for travelers could be big. Placing an iTunes kiosk where there’s limited Wi-Fi, such as in an airport or bus terminal — or actually on the plane or bus, as Apple proposes — could save them frustration (and huge roaming charges, if the kiosks were set up overseas). Each kiosk would have its own local server for fast downloads of current hits and new releases, but also a connection to the iTunes library for older content; payment would be by logging in to an iTunes account or swiping a debit/credit card.

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