Monday, 27 April 2009

Would you travel with a $3,000 netbook?

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WOULD YOU BUY A MUNDANE acer aspire one NETBOOK FOR $3000???

Yes?? NO??? Think again...

A guy called fukuyuki is selling an Acer Aspire One for $3000. It has been painted by a famous Japanese artist, UFO-Hayashi who has painted on several iPods, phones and PCs. UFO-Hayashi is one of the most famous Japanese gadget artist, He paints on iPods, phones, PC and any other digital gadgets by using Japanese traditional Zen painting called “kyo-yu-zen” which has more than 1300 years history. His products are often used as props in Japanese domestic dramas.

Basically, netbooks are meant to be compact, eating less space and still providing sufficient computing muscles at an affordable price. Now one can do anything crazy and transform it into a $3000 gadget and I am sure the netbook would then grace the lockers! :)

How on this world would someone carry such an insanely expensive netbook for work? My goodness, I am NOT, because I think my life is more precious than this gadget!!! What do you think?

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