Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Next generation eyeglasses at affordable prices

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All of us have heard about Health Insurance and I am sure many of us are already taking benefits of it. But tell me, how many of you do know what all things are covered in your health insurance. I will cite you my own example. Given the busy IT professional that I am, my work stress got me hospitalized for a knee ailment and then it dawned on me that my employer has covered me for hospitalization. I was very glad that I would not have to spend any thing from my pocket, unless I got the rude shock while paying bills - some of the items were not covered by the insurance, and I have no option but to pay for it! So the point under consideration is: are you sure your health insurance include heart ailments, lungs, legs, hands, brain... eyes? I am particularly very much sure that it will not include eyes.

Prevention is better than cure. In this tough time where recession is spreading everywhere by leaps and bounds, we have to be extremely careful no to splurge unnecessarily. It applies to your health too. So if you don't take good care of yourself, you are going to pay for it - heftily. So it is always better that you take very good care of your health, including eyes. Now that summer is coming, we have to be doubly sure that we use good quality lenses / sunglasses so that our eyes are safe from harmful radiations. But that doesn't mean you buy expensive glasses priced at exorbitant prices - money matters honey. And that's where Zenni Optical comes to our rescue. Approved by none other than the New York Times, Zenni offers high quality and reliable eyeglasses at damn cheap prices that one can't imagine! In fact it is the global price & volume leader in high quality, affordable & stylish eyeglasses.

To give you a sneak peak into Zenni's merchandise, check this out: Complete Single Vision Eyeglasses starting at $8.00; Complete Bi-Focal Eyeglasses Starting at $25.00; Complete Progressive Eyeglasses starting at $37.00... And with ANY pair of eyeglasses, you get Anti Scratch coating, UV protection, and Lens Edge polishing and Beveling absolutely FREE!! I personally liked the 3889 Rimless Bendable (Memory) Plastic glasses. It looks sexy, stylish, quite decent, and very much fits my pocket - just $19.00! Can you imagine? I checked out at many other online shops, believe me, Zenni's price is the lowest!

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Michael said...

When you go online searching for designer eyeglasses, you have to take into consideration some factors. You can prefer the frames for your glasses, made from metal or plastic. Then you can proceed to lenses and choose from a wide range of materials including breakage-resistant polycarbonate