Friday, 12 December 2008

Relax: Heavy snoring burns a lot of calories!

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A new study has revealed that heavy snoring can actually help you burn calories. In fact, according to this study the more severely one snores, the more calories one regularly burns, reports Mumbai Mirror, a leading English daily in Mumbai.

According to the US-based boffins, the increased activity in a sufferer’s nervous system caused by their snoring could be the reason behind the findings. The scientists based their findings on analyses of 212 patients, all of whom snored. They found that those who suffered from the most serious snoring problems expended around 2,000 calories while resting every day. Meanwhile, those who tended to snore lightly and less often burned an average of 1,626 calories a day resting. However, a lead researcher of the University of California warned that snoring could cause other problems, which could make sufferers gain weight, despite the fact that they are expending more calories while at rest. Sleep-disordered breathing can often result in fatigue and other changes in daytime functioning that can limit normal physical activity.

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