Monday, 17 November 2008

Microsoft released new self-service business intelligence tools

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Microsoft recently released new details about its business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing initiatives, including plans for integrating data warehouse appliance technology from recently acquired DATAllegro and new tools to expand BI further throughout the enterprise. Code named "Gemini," Microsoft said the set of managed self-service analytics and reporting tools will be released with the next upgrade of SQL Server, code named "Kilimanjaro" and set to debut sometime in the first half of 2010.

The tools will allow business users to download "literally hundreds of billions of rows of data" from corporate systems onto the desktop for analysis in an "Excel-like tool" without IT assistance. Users will also be able to create custom reports against larger company- and department-wide-level reports in SharePoint Server. Both the resulting analysis and reports can then be published through SharePoint so other workers can access and manipulate them.

In addition to a lightened workload, IT departments will also gain greater monitoring and management capabilities over user-created analytics and reports. Microsoft, which plans to make Kilimanjaro available to customers and partners for testing through a community technology preview within a year, believes it is in an ideal position to spread BI capabilities to regular business users, thanks to its ubiquitous Office suite. If you know how to use Word and Excel, then you'll be able to use Microsoft's BI products! Microsoft's new in-memory, Excel-like tool will fill a "gaping hole" in functionality, thus allowing power users to add new dimensions to analytic and reporting models, or even to build brand-new models.

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Shirley said...

Good news for us.
This enhanced SharePoint application in BI, we are interested this as SharePoint provider

The Guru said...

Hi Shirley,

Many thanks for your comment. I went through the site of the software you mentioned and found that it is also equally equipped for BI requirements of business. I would, in future, write about this tool's capabilities here on this blog. Keep reading. Thanks.