Thursday, 13 November 2008

Google Brings Back Ancient Rome To Life In 3D

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Google has successfully managed to bring back the ancient Rome to life, online. Google Earth has added to its software a 3-D simulation that painstakingly reconstructs nearly 7,000 buildings of ancient Rome, including the Colosseum, the Forum and the Circus Maximus. The program, which gives users access to maps and global satellite imagery, now hosts a new layer that allows surfers to see how Rome might have looked in AD 320, a bustling city of about 1 million people under Emperor Constantine.

Inspired from: Official Google blog...

Pop-up windows provide information on the monuments and visitors also can enter some of the most important sites to observe the architecture and marble decorations. Using laser scans of today’s ruined monuments and advice from archaeologists, experts worked for about a decade to reconstruct ancient Rome within its 21-kilometre-long walls.

I am more than desperate to “watch” these ancient creations and to “re-live” the ancient Rome… I have only seen these worldly & gigantic structures in movies and always wanted to live within these structures and to “touch” them… Now with Google Earth, I think my long-pending wish has come true, through virtually. I won’t mind...

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Evertones said...

My girlfriend got so excited when she saw there are more people interested (and very interested) on things she would love to do, hehehe... and for me, well, I won't be able to afford a trip to Rome within a couple of... years, hehehe... so this is a two-times-better-than-nothing experience. Google Earth itself was already good enough, hehe.

The Guru said...

Hey Evertones,

Thanks for your comments. I agree: Google Earth is rocking!!