Sunday, 7 September 2008

Internet Terror - A bomb that can wipe off ALL info from computers

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Worldwide Web of Terror targets IT - Pakistan, Iraq Terror Groups Upload Manual on the Internet...


Consider a routine day at a BPO. At 10.30 am, several sharp, loud cracking sounds are heard within the main infocity campus, injuring none. Seconds later, you find the electronic systems totally dysfunctional. Your swipe card machine that authenticates your entry into the office stops working. So do the lifts and the computers and even the main data source gets completely erased.

If SIMI activists used ammonium nitrate bombs for the Ahmedabad blasts to cause physical damage, here’s more cause for alarm. Since August, terror organizations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Chechnya are circulating, on popular jihadi internet fora, various manuals to make Electromagenetic Pulse (EMP) bombs that wipe out data from computers!! A powerful radiation of electromagnetic waves generated as soon as an EMP, also known as an e-bomb, explodes while passing through any electronic gadget disables it. These bombs can be assembled locally and are aimed at crippling the IT backbone, as they can erase every byte of information in computers with a simple explosion.

One senior researcher had made one of the first references to these bombs and the threats they pose to the Indian IT centres in an article in the October 2000 issue of the Institute for Defence Studies and Strategic Analysis (IDSA). This was when Pakistan had started experimenting with EMP weapons. A CIA-supported internet watchdog, Search for International Terrorist Entities institute, raised an alarm on August 7 when it noticed the e- bomb manual circulating in jihadi fora supporting Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnya movements.

The e-bomb is a military grade weapon and it is possible that their ‘dirty versions’ may have sneaked out in terror circles.

Source: Report published in the Sunday Times

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