Thursday, 21 August 2008

25 killer Linux apps - The very best software for your Linux machine

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We all know that Linux is about choice.

Everyone has the choice of what they use and how they use it, provided they have access to a tame hacker with suitable programming skills. A consequence of this is that there's a huge range of software out there. If there's a popular favourite for a given task, you can bet your bottom dollar there'll be at least one alternative. You've only to look at the package selection options in most distro installers to see just how many choices you can make before you even start using your distribution.

Here is the most awaited list of the killer applications:

Web browsers

1. Firefox

2. Konqueror

3. Opera

4. Lynx

Email Clients

5. Thunderbird

6. Claws Mail

7. Kmail

8. Evolution

Office Software


10. KOffice

11. Gnome Office


12. MPlayer

13. Totem

14. Kaffeine

15. Amarok

Text editors

16. Kate

17. Gedit

18. Joe

Photo management

19. KPhotoAlbum

20. F-Spot

21. DigiKam

22. Gallery

The best of the rest

23. Google Earth

24. Webmin

25. GCompris

Check out the original post for complete details of these stunning apps...


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